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2-in-1 Dress

Modify Kimono Dress by gathering and tying the shoulders.

©  2-in-1 Dress

Floral Tunic Dress

© Floral Tunic Dress

Color Twist Kimono Top

© Color Twist Kimono Top


Step 1: Body Measurements
Make 3 measurements: below bustline, center of below bustline to center of shoulder, and below bust line to desired length.

Step 2: Pattern Creation (optional)
Create two pattern: One for the top part, one for the bottom part. Pattern is drawn for sewing seams.
Step 3: Cut fabric
Cut 2 pieces of each pattern. Decide if you would like to mix and match fabric to give each pieces a color twist. Allow 0.5" for surging. Allow 1" on T1, U1, F1, B1. Note: You might want to allow more on T1 depending on the elastic band width.

Step 4: Surge all pieces.
Surge all sides.

Step 5: Sew pieces
Sew trimming onto the 2xS sides if you like. Otherwise, just fold in and sew to give a polish hem on the sleeves. Assembly pieces. The goal is to sew F1 and F2 to T1 at one go. Repeat for B1 and B2 to T2. Measure a piece of elastic band the length of B. Cut it in half. Insert each into the tubing you created on T1 and T2. Pin the ends. Fold The right sides of T1 and T2 together and sew the sides. At this time, you will sew the elastic band as well. Finish the bottom hem.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Peasant Dress

© White Peasant Dress

Traumatized Mr. Cushy

© Traumatized Mr. Cushy

Thank You

Thank You for your Christmas presents!
The above "Thank You" note is brought to you by the letters A.F. (Gift for me from someone.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Special Agents

© The Special Agents

Basketweave Suede Shawl

© Basketweave Suede Shawl

Lion Brand Yarn, Lion Suede, 
100% Polyester, 122 yards/85 g ball,
Machine wash. Dry flat. Iron at medium setting.
 Do not bleach. Dry clean any solvent.
Art # 210, Color # 133/Spice, Lot # 0114H, 3 x Yarn Balls
Needle: US9 5.5mm